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Saturday, December 8, 2012

SHINee World Concert 2 :)

The day I waited finally arrived!
SHINee World Concert 2 here I come!!!
Meet Loiuse at Stadium MRT at about 7.10am and we went to meet Camay at the queue place.
Amelia was there too, I saw her before as we chased FT Island together that time.
At about 9 plus we went inside the stadium to queue and after we got our wrist tag,

Lousie and I :)
We worked in the same childcare centre and both of us like Onew :)

Louise and I went to collect our merchandise and off for lunch :)
I forgot my polaroid and Nasri was kind enough to bring for me :)
After lunch we went to get some banners that will be used during concert and back to the queue.

Camay :)

Amelia, Camay, Nooraini

Finally it's time to go in and we stand near the stage.
Excited for the concert to start!

Gonna upload some photos here,
more on my facebook:

Finally the concert starts!!!
Opening song was Lucifer and it's so nice!!!
Took photos but not that much as security walked around catching ppl that take photos.
I tried to take photos and got caught too but after that continue again. heehee
We celebrated Onew's and Minho's birthday.
Managed to video SHINee, Shawols and staffs singing Happy Birthday.
Time flies soon the concert ended. So fast lor.
SHINee Concert was DAEBAK!!!

Back home and took photo of the merchandise.
In SHINee World Concert 2 shirt :)
I like it!

Front and Back view of the shirt :)

Towel :)

Lightstick :)

Banners :)

Polaroid during the concert :)

SHINee Notes :)
Short of Key's miney notes ):

Enjoyed myself during the concert :)
SHINee Sarangahe <3 p="p">